Community Outreach (Books for Peace)

We take this opportunity to thank those who supported our book drive for the students of Bamti Bhanda Primary School in Nepal. On December  11, 2017, the Peace Perspectives team delivered the books to the school, and the students were very excited browsing the titles and pages of the books. Your donation enabled us to work with the local community in equipping the students with essential books that we hope will encourage them to pursue their education and have a positive impact on their lives.

We also extend our gratitude to Mr. Min Bhahadur Karki, the principal of Bamti Bhanda Primary School, for guiding us throughout the process—from identifying the subjects of the books, hiring members of the local community to construct the bookshelves, until the inauguration of the school’s library. We will continue to partner with local actors as it is imperative in ensuring ownership and sustainability for the projects being implemented in their communities.


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