Umakunda residents share their peace perspectives

When was the last time we asked everyday people what peace means to them? We, at Peace Perspectives, aspire to learn from local communities instead of imposing top-down, locally insensitive perspectives. Encouraging bottom-up and grassroots-level initiatives promotes lasting and more sustainable peace projects. Help us work alongside them via

Listen to the voices of Umakunda residents in this video* and tell us what is the most common theme from their peace perspectives.

*We do not claim that these perspectives are representative of the whole population of Umakunda but we believe that every voice is worth listening to.

Launch and Charity Event Successfully Held


On May 6, 2017, we held a charity event to officially launch Peace Perspectives. Around a hundred people attended our event and shared their definition of peace. We exhibited photos depicting peace and watched performances by Upendra & Friends and Mohit & Friends. Aside from our working committee, we also had peace volunteers who helped in organizing, setting up, and documenting our event. With our official launching successfully done, our real work starts now. We will be traveling again to remote villages in Nepal to collect peace perspectives from everyday people and implement community projects based on their peace aspirations.

If you were not able to attend, you can still support us by sharing your personal definition of peace using #thisismyPEACE and/or donating to our peace initiatives. Thank you!




In line with our upcoming launch event on May 6, 2017, Peace Perspectives is starting a global peace conversation using #thisismyPEACE. With conflicts and humanitarian crises that we are witnessing around the world right now, this is our simple contribution to peace promotion.

You can join this global peace conversation through any or all of the following.

  1. Take a photo of yourself holding #thisismyPEACE sign and include a 1-2 sentence caption of what does peace mean to you. You can download this sign and print or create your own.
  2. Take a photo the depicts your peace perspective and include a 1-2 sentence photo description.
  3. Take a video of yourself explaining what does peace mean to you. We request that your videos do not take longer than a minute.

We invite you to share your peace perspective via Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter. We also invite you to tap at least two of your friends to share their peace perspectives for us to engage as many people as possible and promote diversity in peace.